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Ep27 - Spider-Man: Homecoming (Non-Spoiler & Spoiler Talk)
July 31, 2017 06:13 PM PDT
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“Snyder-Man, Snyder-Man…” No, we’re not talking about the worst super-hero villain ever. (THIS time.) We’re just excited our favorite John Hughes movies got radiation poisoning, a cool red and blue suit, a high-school dance with 80s music, and a Death Star. That gets destroyed. Again.

Swing into fun (as long as you are in a semi-urban area) and welcome yet again the Amazing Spectacular Spider-Friend and fellow rooftop protector Garrick - just in time to announce the winner of the “Anyone But Garrick Can Win” Contest. (Hint: we’re saying there’s a chance. Double-Hint: There’s no chance.)

We talk sweet kid’s events, why this movie is great for kids (as apposed to other movies that are not real, are not a thing, and don’t exist) even though Michael Keaton is even scarier out of his black rubber ears than in them, various theories of The Meaning Of Granny Pants and Fuzzy Flight Jackets. THEN….

Dun dun DUNNNNN…

Garrick and Secret Alias Man find themselves trapped like spiders in a corner playing another sadistic guessing game by a former aspiring…something… who was apparently brushed aside as a child and now seeks revenge on his older brother for this perceived slight instead of seeking qualified counseling as he continues to use his broadcast and editing powers for evil instead of good. *cough* J. Jonah Jameson *cough*

So fill up your web-shooters, true believers - as we talk about a Spider-Man movie that has twice the joy and half the guilt. You’re going to love it.

0:00 - Cold Open & Intro
3:20 - comicbookframe.com contest winner
6:00 - Big Bro on "I Love That Movie" podcast ep.10
8:00 - Big Bro & Heroic Inner Kids

12:20 - SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING REVIEW (non-spoiler talk)
13:10 - How would you describe it
15:45 - Powers & Heels
30:40 - Kid's Chair
34:30 - Panda Rating
37:30 - GAME: Tagline Tango
1:53:40 - Watch it again? Buy it?

1:56:30 - Outro and Outtakes

Mark Sparling's 8-Bit Music (Kids Chair & Outtakes Themes)

Garrick Hardy On Twitter @KikuchiyoThe7th
and on the Fly Casual Podcast at betterkind.com

I Love That Movie - Podcast
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Facebook: @SecretAliasMan

EP26: Wonder Woman / Goodbye, Adam West
June 16, 2017 10:21 PM PDT
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So there’s a new movie out. About a Woman. And the question everyone is asking is “I Wonder… if it’s any good?”

Join us as we join the story of people who live on a secret island no one can find that forbids men (especially those named Gilligan) to be there—until an impossibly blue-eyed guy named Chris who plays an impossibly blue-eyed guy named Steve who isn’t Captain America finds them. And by “finds them” I mean “brings World War I to their beachfront property and then takes their pretty Princess away.”

We also honor the passing of our beloved friend Adam West, tell you where you can see his last Batman movies, and play “Ask Your Brother Stuff He Doesn’t Know” about Wonder Woman with a certain familial relative who wasn’t alive when the show was on. Because fair. And by fair, I mean “not.”

And there might be some singing.

Because in a movie where Princess Buttercup flies through the air and kills Proto-Nazis like she’s winning a stuffed animal at the State Fair - anything can happen. Including maybe—just MAYBE—a good DC superhero movie.

0:00 - Cold Open & Intro
4:20 - www.comicbookframe.com
5:50 - Goodbye, Adam West

11:30 - Congratulations, DC!
14:40 - How would you describe it?
17:15 - The “Ask Your Brother Stuff He Doesn't Know” Game
23:05 - Super Powers/Achilles' Heels
45:30 - The Kid's Chair
49:45 - Panda Rating

52:40 - More Powers & Heels, and the Kryptonite Sink
1:13:00 - Lil bro makes his own Wonder Woman Theme song
1:21:15 - Other Wonder Woman films

1:22:05 - What's next?
1:26:00 - Battle Cry, Outro, Outtakes

Mark Sparling's 8-Bit Music (Kids Chair & Outtakes Themes)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fanbrofriends
Twitter: @FanBroFriends and @SanchoPandaVTW

To contact Secret Alias Man about Heroic Inner Kids:
Email: SecretAliasMan@gmail.com
Instagram: @SecretAliasMan
Facebook: @SecretAliasMan

Ep25: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (Movie Review)
May 26, 2017 10:17 PM PDT
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Get ready to grin ear-to-ear, like a trash panda digging through trash... not that our podcast is trash. Look, trash pandas like trash, and you like this podcast... for different reasons obviously... and we like pandas… and… okay, let's start over.

We're back! And we're talking Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. And just like the movie, which brings back everything you loved about the first one - we bring back everything you love about our podcast as well. Jokes, deep insights, jokes, pandas, jokes, our planet-sized Egos…wait….

(*insert cute picture of Baby Groot here to get us out of this)

UPDATE: In our role as podcast star…lords…we've added a new segment called "The Kid’s Chair," where we give parents the non-spoilers heads-up about what to expect taking your child to the movie (and what questions you might be answering afterwards) You’re welcome, galaxy.

AND, we fill you in on what we've been up to, and why the long break (We’ll give you a hint - kids, capes and smiles), I mean, besides us just waiting for a good movie to talk about - which this is smiley And taking extra time to write the universe's best jokes - which these aren't. So get ready for some tasty, tasty pod trash in your ear! (*delete that. That’s worse. That’s so much worse…)

As always, huge thanks to our sponsor, www.comicbookframe.com. We've still got that contest going, so listen in for details on how you can win a free comic book frame.

0:00 - Cold Open & Intro
2:35 - What we've been up to
Heroic Inner Kids & Secret Alias Man's Star Lord Costume Documentary
RIP Chris Cornell
15:15 - Joss Whedon & Justice League
18:45 - Wonder Woman early reviews
19:50 - Sponser contest!!!

21:35 - GUARDIANS Vol.2 (Spoiler Free)
22:35 - When we last left our heroes
25:55 - My movie-going experience
28:15 - How would you describe it?
30:15 - Super Powers/Achilles Heels
41:55 - Panda Rating
45:00 - The Kids Chair

49:30 - I am the villain
1:04:30 - Best moments in the movie
1:13:15 - Better or Worse?

1:18:15 - What are they doing next?

1:22:35 - Outro and Outtakes

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FanBroFriends

Twitter: @FanBroFriends and @SanchoPandaVTW

To contact Secret Alias Man about Heroic Inner Kids e-mail him at SecretAliasMan@gmail.com, or contact him at SecretAliasMan on Instagram or Facebook.

Ep24: Logan Review (Non-Spoiler & Spoiler Talk)
March 22, 2017 07:56 PM PDT
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In this episode we review Logan, or as I like to call it, "Don't be a menace to South Texas while Drugging Your Mentor in the Desierto." (Sadly, "Two Men and a Lethal Lady" was already taken).

Friend of the FanBros, Garrick, joins us to discuss the newest X-Men movie, about the oldest X-Men. Spoiler alert: we all loved it. 6 out of 6 CGI claws... and two foot spikes for good measure.

Thanks to our SPONSOR - www.comicbookframe.com - for joining with us in the giveaway of a free comicbook frame! Tweet us or post on facebook a picture of the comic you would frame for a chance to win!


0:00 - Cold Open & Intro
4:00 - Sponsor Contest
5:34 - Golden Panda Awards are coming!
7:34 - TeeVee Tawk (New Shows We're Hyped About)

12:50 - Logan Review
13:05 - How would you describe it?
15:05 - Strengths & Weaknesses
29:20 - Versus the World (Game)
39:20 - SPOILER Review
1:08:35 - What's next for them?
1:09:55 - Panda Rating
1:12:35 - Rent it or Buy it?

1:15:25 - Outro & Outtakes

Mark Sparling's Music www.soundcloud.com/marksparling www.twitter.com/Markymark665

Garrick Hardy
On Twitter @KikuchiyoThe7th and on the Fly Casual Podcast at betterkind.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FanBroFriends/

@FanBroFriends and

Ep23: Lego Batman Review (Non-Spoiler & Spoiler Discussion)
March 12, 2017 10:49 PM PDT
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It took a while for us to put together the pieces of this podcast, but now you can tell us how it stacks up as we review LEGO BATMAN: the return of the emo dark knight rises forever.

Also, thanks to our SPONSOR - www.comicbookframe.com - for joining with us in the giveaway of a free comicbook frame! Listen in to learn how to enter the contest! For now let's just say it involves connecting (last lego pun I promise) with us via Facebook and/or twitter. Too excited to wait? Then just jump to the contest details via the TIMESTAMPS:

0:00 - Cold Open & Intro
3:30 - ComicBookFrame.com giveaway contest
5:25 - Oscar Talk
12:10 - Super Powers & Achilles Heels
21:15 - Catch the Tomatoes
29:20 - Panda Ratings
31:10 - SPOILER discussion
38:35 - What are they doing next?
40:20 - Would you watch it again and/or buy it?
42:00 - Outro and Outtakes

To Mark Sparling for giving us some awesome new 8-bit style tunes to play with! Check him out!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FanBroFriends/
Twitter: @FanBroFriends and @SanchoPandaVTW

Ep22: See It or Skip It (Jan-March Movies)
February 16, 2017 09:02 PM PST
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Yes, we're halfway into February, but that doesn't mean we won't look back over the amazing movies January had to offer. Except we can't...because it didn't.

However, the next couple months have some great titles. And we feel entitled to talk about them by virtue of you haven't stopped us yet. So if there's blame to be had - you know where to point the finger. Or the gun. Or your laser dog hands. In the meantime, please enjoy another instant classic episode of "See It or Skip It."


0:00 - Cold Open & Intro

5:45 - JANUARY
6:45 - Underworld: Blood Wars
8:40 - Arsenal
10:55 - Monster Trucks
12:45 - Split
15:10 - xXx: Return of Xander Cage
17:30 - Resident Evil: Final Chapter

19:20 - FEBRUARY
19:45 - Lego Batman
25:45 - John Wick Chapter 2
30:20 - The Great Wall
33:35 - Rock Dog
36:30 - Tulip Fever

39:45 - MARCH
40:45 - Logan
47:20 - Kong: Skull Island
52:15 - Beauty & The Beast
56:05 - Power Rangers
59:00 - Life
1:01:50 - Ghost in the Shell
1:05:00 - The Boss Baby
1:07:35 - The Zookeeper's Wife

1:11:30 - Outro & Outtakes


Facebook: www.facebook.com/FanBroFriends/
Twitter: @FanBroFriends and @SanchoPandaVTW

Ep21: "Arrival" Movie Review
January 31, 2017 08:58 PM PST
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When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve political walls and try to talk to aliens that sound like whales, and the voice of Dory isn't around, I guess the woman who fell in love with a Kryptonian will have to do.

In this ep, we praise Amy Adams' amazing performance in the movie "Arrival," with our usual format and humor, and perhaps a bit more discussion of life lessons than usual, which can't hurt during the times we live in. Speaking of times. Here's the timestamps:

0:00 - Cold Open & Intro
2:40 - What Big Bro has been up to
7:05 - We Interrupt This Broadcast

10:10 - ARRIVAL Movie Review
12:00 - How would you describe it?
13:50 - Strengths & Weaknesses
23:05 - Catch the Tomato Game
29:30 - Panda Rating
31:30 - SPOILER Discussion
59:50 - director's next project

1:02:10 - Outro & Outtakes

SPONSOR: http://comicbookframe.com

@SanPanVTW - soundcloud.com/sanchopanda

Ep20: Rogue One (Non-Spoiler & Spoiler Review)
December 24, 2016 01:31 AM PST
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Friend of the fanbros, Garrick, joins us again as we talk all about Rogue One, as well as the prequel novel Catalyst, and fun connections the movie makes to the larger Star Wars Disneyverse. Plus, in the spirit of giving, there's some extra fun content at the end of this podcast!

Not to jinx it, but this might be one of our top 20 best episodes to date... especially if you don't count the "deleted scene" episode that came out after ep 19.

Check out the TIME STAMPS to stay on target:

0:00 - Cold Open / Intro

5:50 - Sponsor Shoutout
12% off w/ coupon code "Brothers"

8:15 - ROGUE ONE (Non-Spoiler Talk)
8:25 - Describe the movie
12:15 - Catalyst Prequel Novel
23:20 - Game "Backstory"

39:15 - ROGUE ONE (Spoiler Talk)
39:30 - Strengths & Weaknesses
(aka. Super Powers & Achilles Heels)
1:14:45 - Most Impactful Deaths
1:25:30 - Panda Rating

1:28:15 - Outro & Outtakes

1:32:35 - "Throat Hugs" Parody Song, as originally aired on the Fly Casual Podcast ep 112.

1:35:45 - Special Christmas presentation by the Fly Casual Glee Club (w/ Sancho Panda)



Ep19 Deleted Scene - Harry Potter Versus The World
December 11, 2016 11:28 PM PST
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Wonder what the "VTW" stands for in @SanchoPandaVTW? It stands for "Versus the World." Coincidentally that's also the name of a new segment we came up with, that didn't quite fit right into the introduction of our last episode.

So here it is, in all its unedited glory. Just make up your own theme music in your head. The more Scott-Pilgrimy the better! Enjoy!


0:00 - the whole thing


Ep19: Fantastic Beasts Review (Spoiler Free & Spoiler Talk)
December 03, 2016 01:22 AM PST
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I wanna be the very best, podcaster there ever was. Reviewing movies is my real test, and laughter is my cause. Wait, what? This isn't a pokemon movie?

In this episode, we chose you, relatively unknown screenplay writer J.K. Rowling, and your new movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them." And we review this decent first entry into a new series, and hope it evolves into greatness!


0:00 - Cold Open & Intro
2:25 - Fantastic Beasts (Spoiler Free)
3:30 - Strengths and Weaknesses
(Super Powers & Achilles Heels)
12:35 - Potterverse or Pokemon? Game
16:25 - More Powers & Heels
48:35 - Outro & Outtakes

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